STEAM Hub is a networking accelerator to initiate new collaborations in the field of science communication.

SMEs, startups, researchers, science communicators and business developers; People with different professional interests meet and develop new ideas together. Sustainable, meaningful, useful. Together we'll explore new markets!

Our goals:

  • Support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing their innovative activities in communicating STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics).
  • Stimulate strategic and sustainable partnerships between SMEs, research institutions, artists and science communicators via networking opportunities and meetups.
  • Bring future technologies like Mixed and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of things, blockchain and many others closer to people.

STEAM Hub looks for innovations in four different categories:


Design and implementation of custom hardware, single-board computers, 3D Printing, robotics, open hardware solutions.


Creation of software-based interactive museum exhibits, educational games, apps, operating systems for interactive museums.


Communicating technology trends, topics no one ever talks about in STEAM communication, unsolved problems of science.


Type of mediation: interactivity, citizen science, augmented/virtual reality, crowd science communication, etc.

Our Conference

Join us for our main networking event!

STEAM Hub Conference on Science Communication
Berlin, Germany

Our two-day event will feature great talks and workshops, lots of networking opportunities, and delicious food. Your presence will make the difference! Come with a backpack full of project ideas, discuss about 21st century science communication and get inspired by meeting new collaboration partners. Together we’ll think about science communication differently!

Check out the Conference Program

Since the number of places is limited we recommend to apply for participating as soon as possible. Confirmed participants will be informed about the detailed event program.

Who can participate? SMEs, research institutions, museums, science centers, artists, creative individuals… Apply, if you are interested in science communication, looking forward to new collaborations, ready for new business models, and happy to come to Berlin in October.

Apply now

Let us know who you are and why you think you should be part of STEAM Hub Conference.

Who we connect

Researchers and innovators

Investigating the future, you have a lot to tell. Do you wish for partners who quickly implement ideas or bring about decisive added value through their creativity?

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

You master a trade, are a world class programmer or understand how to communicate topics in a nutshell. Would it help to know the right collaborators, courageous customers or innovative researchers?

Science centers, museums and educators

You are well-known for having great ideas on communicating science. Would you like to get inspiration from people who work in other fields, can report about state-of-the-art research or who have an artistic viewpoint?

Individuals with unique ideas or talent

Creative minds can achieve a lot. But sometimes they need collaboration partners with know-how, experience and resources. Wouldn't it be enormously helpful to have someone to call for help?

STEAM Hub initiates exactly these collaborations. SMEs, start-ups, research companies, science communicators and business developers: People with different professional interests meet and develop new ideas together. Sustainable, meaningful, useful.

Apply for your participation in the STEAM Hub Conference and tells us more about you!

About us

IMAGINARY is a non-profit organization headquartered in Berlin, Germany, focused in mathematics communication, with an international, interactive, research based and open-source core.

Our activities include: an open-source online platform that features a variety of content that can be used in schools, at home, in museums, at exhibitions or for events; organization of mathematics competitions; teacher trainings; use of technology to visualize and interact with mathematical formulas; and many more things!

Learn more about the IMAGINARY Journey

Download the IMAGINARY brochure (PDF)

STEAM Hub is an initiative under the SMEs for Innovation pillar of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) implemented by IMAGINARY.